A New Prayer Request!

Husband’s uncle dying and unsaved

Terry is about to die from prostate cancer. His siblings and parents have died. He’s said in the past he’s atheist but had questions. His bio mom left he and his siblings and was very verbally abusive. I feel compelled to pray for him, even though he and my husband had a falling out due to his uncle’s pride. I humbly ask you’d pray for his salvation and for restoration of their relationship.

God Bless you and thank-you!


May we all rally in prayer for Terry that the Lord will open his heart to the Gospel and that he will be saved before he leaves his earthly life.


The Acts 12 Team

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We Have A New Prayer Request

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
I lift up my daughter Leslie to you who not only is battling addiction to OxyContin but is seriously ill with a potentially fatal blood disorder that has cost me all of my retirement savings. I am hiding this from my husband, her step father and I feel so desperate and alone. My husband has Parkinson’s disease and stress makes it worse so I try to hide her problems and mine from him. . Please pray that Leslie is freed from this addiction and that Jesus will heal her body, mind and spirit once and for all,

With deepest gratitude and a mothers broken heart I ask for intercession for my child


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A New Prayer Request

We have a new prayer request from Maria. Pray with us that God will work in the life of this family and that comfort will be given them through the process.

Hi, my name is Maria – a gentle iconoclast, who has the blog Pilgrim’s Progress Revisited at wordpress.
Our son-in-law Darwin recently went to the ER for pain. He had a problem that they fixed, but during this time they also found spots on his liver. Diagnosis and treatment have been delayed until at least November 1, because of medical insurance issues. He is in his forties and the father of three girls, Hannah, Becky, and Allison. His wife, my husband’s only daughter, is named Julie. They are frightened. They know Jesus as their Saviour. Would you pray for healing and for all of their needs, especially peace of mind?
Thank you so much!
In His love,


Our gracious God, we bring Darwin before you today and his family. In times like these there is much uncertainty and it’s in these times that we are prone to worry and fret. Lord comfort this family during this time and may they find peace and comfort in Your loving arms. Father, we pray that you will heal Darwin in whatever way you see fit. We pray for wisdom for the medical people working with him and timeliness in dealing with the problem. You only Lord are capable of answering our prayers. We pray that your will be done and we pray in this way. We give you all of the honor and glory and praise for hearing and answering our prayers. We ask this all in the name of our Savior, The Lord Jesus.


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A Huge Answer To Our Prayers From Levi

Great news! After the ROLLER COASTER ride of our lives we have come to the end of the ride. Today, the final pathology report came in and our son, Caleb, does NOT have lymphoma as we had previously been informed. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!! He had a rare thing called a lymphangioma. It should cause no further problems for him and he should be completely fine after the surgical healing process. I wanted to tell everyone as quickly as possible. We had already dealt with the news that he had cancer and were trusting God for complete healing.  I want to thank you all who prayed so much for your prayers. God truly does answer them. Our God does all things well and in His own time. Thank you all so much!!!

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Another Answer To Our Prayers

Naomi sent this in today on our answered prayer page. Let’s rejoice that The God of heaven and earth does hear and answers our prayers. We ask for you to send in any prayer requests that you really want prayed for. This is not a flashy blog, but one that seeks to glorify God by totally depending upon Him. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

This is an update on the Peter Kassig ISIS hostage situation in the Middle East, where God is answering our prayers.

It has been 26 days since Alan Henning’s execution video became public, and Peter Kassig (or Abdul-Rahman, as he prefers to be known) was threatened to be the next victim. However, new videos put out by ISIS (see http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/10/isis-shifts-their-social-media-patterns/381988/) give no information on his status. The other beheading videos were all released about two weeks apart. A number of calls have been made to spare Abdul’s life — he is an aid worker and devout Muslim. Even Abu Omar Aqidi, a high ranking official in the al-Qaeda sect Jabhat al-Nusra, has called for his release. ISIS is known for its well-organized social media activity, yet it seems to be slowly changing patterns, which to the eyes of faith is evidence of God’s great mercy.

Please continue for the Lord Jesus’ spirit to continue working in the hearts and minds of ISIS, their captives and the people ISIS are warring against, so that as many people as possible come to Christ and are saved.

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Good News, Not So Good News About Caleb

We have been praying for Levi’s son, Caleb. Here is an update from him. Let’s continue to pray for Caleb and his family..

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Healing Prayer for Levi’s son Caleb

We have an emergency prayer request for Levi’s son Caleb. He is currently in the hospital as they have found a large mass at the top of his intestine and bottom of his stomach. Caleb is 38 years old with five children. Please rally around Levi’s son Caleb in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We know you are a miracle maker and the healer of all. We ask that you heal our brother Caleb in Jesus’ name. Heal his body Lord and allow him to leave the hospital in perfect health. Place your hands upon him and take away his affliction. We know Lord that all things are possible for one that believes. Thank you for Jesus, our great Physician and healer.

In His name we pray,


Please hit like in agreement with us or feel free to comment  below with prayer. God bless

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Send Us Your Prayers and Answers To Prayer

Time for the weekend and for you all to share your prayer requests with us. Please email all prayer requests to acts12movement@gmail.com and let us know if we may post them on our page. Love and light to you all!!!


The Acts 12 Movement

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A New Prayer Request

We have a new prayer request from Levi. Please join us in prayer for this much needed request.


I would like to ask all of you to pray for my son, Caleb. We found out today that he is having some medical problems and tests are in the process of being ordered. I don’t wish to be more specific at this time but he needs our prayers. He is a husband and father of 5 children. He is also a Christian. Thank you all so much!


The Acts 12 Team



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Pray for caregivers

Being a caregiver to someone who is physically or mentally ill is extremely difficult. Often times, it leaves you alone, unable to leave the person’s bedside. There are many people caring for loved ones who suffer from a range of ailments that include Alzheimer’s, dementia, quadriplegic and a host of other diseases. So much of the time we pray and support the person that is sick, and forget about the one that takes care of them. Caretakers need our prayers in droves. So if you are a caretaker who needs prayer, please comment on this post so we can all pray for you.

Dear Lord Jesus,

There are so many beautiful people around the world who have answered your call to care for their family members. Lord you know each one by name. Please send them the strength, love and encouragement they need. Please send people into their lives that can help ease the burden. Lord, enter that supernatural place with them that only you can go. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

In your name we pray,


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