Healing Prayer for Levi’s son Caleb

We have an emergency prayer request for Levi’s son Caleb. He is currently in the hospital as they have found a large mass at the top of his intestine and bottom of his stomach. Caleb is 38 years old with five children. Please rally around Levi’s son Caleb in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We know you are a miracle maker and the healer of all. We ask that you heal our brother Caleb in Jesus’ name. Heal his body Lord and allow him to leave the hospital in perfect health. Place your hands upon him and take away his affliction. We know Lord that all things are possible for one that believes. Thank you for Jesus, our great Physician and healer.

In His name we pray,


Please hit like in agreement with us or feel free to comment  below with prayer. God bless

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11 thoughts on “Healing Prayer for Levi’s son Caleb

  1. Praying the Lord remove the spirit of infirmity and bring healing to Caleb’s body. In Jesus name.

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  2. Randy Barnes

    Praying and believing the Lord will completely heal Caleb. Praying for comfort and strength for his wife and children.

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  3. Nthambi

    Father God, in the name of Jesus we present our brother Caleb before Your throne of grace. We do so fearlessly, and boldly and with confidence because Your Word assures us that we can do that in Hebrews 4:16, that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it]. You say You sent Your Word and healed, as the Psalmist says You sent Your word and healed them, You delivered them from destruction. So, Father, You are the healer, the Great Physician, touch Caleb’s body, restore it to wholeness and health. Caleb is a daddy and a husband Father, his children need him, his wife too, to be the man You created him to be, he still has the role of provider, protector, prophet and priest to play. Heal him Lord. Do not let his time here in the lives of his family be cut short. His work is not yet done Father. Nothing is impossible for You, Ancient of Days, no thing! So, we thank You that no thing will present itself as being over and above Your ability and capability to handle. We give You all the glory, and the honor for this healing. Receive our praise oh Lord, and thanksgiving. We pray in Jesus Mighty name. Amen
    Father, that this family may feel Your comfort, and draw closer to You, give the doctors Your Divine innate knowledge and skill as they care for Caleb and make decisions, give Levi and the rest of the family comfort and surround them with Your love and guidance, surround them with people of prayer and faith to stand unwavering with them. May all this bring only glory and honour to Your Name.
    We plead the blood of Jesus upon this family. In jesus name we pray. Amen

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  4. Lord, We ask you to heal Caleb’s body and remove the source of Caleb’s illness. Bring comfort, and rejuvenate every one of his cells. Provide your clear solution to the Ailment that is effecting Caleb’s body, soul and spirits that Caleb can live life and not just survive it..restore every area of his being, and help him to recognize when your solution comes. We place his life in your hands and reject the enemy’s attack upon this Temple of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name we Pray and Believe Lord because you said Lay Hands on the Sick and they would recover you said that Lord and thats enough! Thank You God THANK YOU FOR HEALING MY BROTHER”S SON!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  5. Praying

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  6. a gentle iconoclast

    With a prayer for Caleb and all of his family – with a prayer for Levi!
    In Jesus’ Name,


  7. Brandy



  8. I have great news!! Caleb had surgery this morning quite out of the blue. Yesterday, they said no surgery would be possible. After another test an oncologist, GI, and general surgeon all took him into surgery to see what was going on because Caleb was in terrible pain. The findings were great. What was thought to be a tumor was a cyst larger than a softball. It was removed. A kink was found in his intestine that he has had from birth. They removed 2-3 ft of his intestine. They do not believe there is any cancer at all but will know for certain within 2-3 days. We praise The Lord God for His mercy and I thank you all for your prayers!

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