Today, Let’s Pray for our Missionaries

It is often said, out of site and out of mind. Many times this is the case with our missionaries. Most will come by our churches every 4-5 years, and then will write the occasional letter or email informing everyone of the work God is doing through their ministry. Besides that, there is very little mention or thought of them. These are people that have left the comforts of home and any security they may have had to share the Gospel in unknown locations. It isn’t an easy life.  In many ways they are are similar to the apostles.

We aren’t all called to be missionaries, but we are called to pray for them. I have spoken to many of missionaries and most count prayer support equal, or higher than financial support. Today, let’s remember them and their families. If you know some particularly, pray for them today.


Our Heavenly Father, there are true Christian missionaries around this planet today, most with families, who have forsaken everything familiar, and comfortable, and pleasant, to make Jesus known to those who have never heard the Gospel. It isn’t always easy, and usually is not. There are language differences most of the time, cultural differences always, and many times antagonism to your Word. We pray that You will provide them with what it takes to learn the language needed for easy communication. We ask Lord for boldness on their part and may they be full of Your Spirit to proclaim the message of eternal life, and Lord, prepare the hearers hearts that many will respond. These missionaries need your wisdom, so Lord may the cry out to You for it. Keep them from discouragement and loneliness. Be their all in all. May you bless their ministries with a full harvest of souls to be brought into Your Kingdom.

For Yours is the kingdom and power and glory forever.




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3 thoughts on “Today, Let’s Pray for our Missionaries

  1. Oh Yes Lord Give Your Angels CHARGE over ALL Missionaries… God you can make a way where Men say there is NO WAY part the Seas of the impossible! You supply ALL there Needs according to your Riches and Glory!!….. Multiply the Loaves and the Fishes for them God!! THANK YOU GOD for meeting there needs in EVERY AREA. Help them to be Encouraged through your word! Rain on these Families with your tangible Love… Well up inside of them the Joy of You which is there Strength Peace oh God Your Peace… Thank You for this Prayer Guys our Hearts need to be squeezed with Compassion for others!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Here is an email that I received only last evening from a new missionary that only just arrived in Chad. He has prepared for years to be the first known person to share with the Mubi people of Chad. There are about 50,000 of these people. May the Lord bless his work among these people!!!

    Bible translation and church planting among the unreached Mubi people in Chad
    View this email in your browser

    (Nouveau version français ! si vous souhaitez lire en français suivez ce lien!)
    Greetings from Chad!
    In many ways that sentence is the fruit of the Lord’s guiding hand over the past 10 years: from the first desire and interest in missions after a high school Bahamas missions trip, through undergraduate studies at PBA, seminary studies at TMS, five summers of graduate linguistic studies at UND, one Chadian thesis research trip, several years serving at GIBC, a season of raising financial support around the States, and a year of language study in France; the culmination of this preparation has finally been realized as the African dust and heat intertwine through all the sights, sounds, and smells of life in Chad. Looking back, I can only be entirely grateful to the Lord for his steadfast love and faithfulness through these memorable years.
    Time in the States
    After finishing my language studies and having to say bittersweet goodbyes to many loved ones in France, I flew back to spend a little over two months in the States in mid-July. It was an incredibly busy, refreshing, encouraging, and well-traveled time, traveling over 7,500 miles and visiting 8 churches. During this time I was the beneficiary of many people’s hospitality, generosity, and good cooking. And even more, these past months have been drenched in prayers of those who long to see the gospel go forth in Chad. I am tremendously humbled by the love and support many have shown for me and for the unreached in Chad. By far the most difficult part of my time in the States was that I was not able to stay longer after enjoying times of wonderful fellowship with many of you. Yet, this time has also affirmed that my heart is in Chad, and that it would be difficult to remain in the States knowing the great needs of the gospel in this land.

    I am also grateful for the numerous opportunities to share about the spiritual needs in Chad, as well as preach on several occasions. If you would like to listen to a message that I taught on Luke 14:25-15:10, you can listen to it here. Other highlights from my time in the States include spending time in the Florida Keys with Grace Immanuel’s college & career group, watching incredible Christian poetry in LA, backpacking with my brother in Colorado, impromptu trailblazing up a mountain in Roanoka, VA with Calvary Memorial Church, tackling and being tackled by my nephews, attending the Ekklesia conference and having the elders pray for me during my final Sunday in the States.
    Missions Conference
    One of the reasons for coming back to the States was to attend the GMI missions conference. The conference started at Grace Community Church, where I was able to see many California friends and share about Chad during missions Sunday. Afterward, the over 60 units that make up GMI spent a week together listening to great preaching, singing songs of praise, and praying for one another. Since this was my first conference, it was a privilege for me to meet and spend time with many personal spiritual heroes who are ambassadors for Christ among many nations around the world.

    Arrival in Chad
    After having to say goodbye both to my church and my immediate family in Florida, I flew out for Chad on Monday, September 15. Even though I woke up Monday morning with a very French culture kind of alert – Air France pilots decided to go on strike and 60% of all flights would be cancelled; the Chad-bound flight was thankfully among one of the (sparsely-filled) 40% flights! I arrived safely in Chad last Tuesday night.

    This first week in Chad I have been staying in the capital, N’Djamena, working on getting paperwork sorted out, figuring out details for a container which has the belongings of mine as well as other Missionaries, developing a relationship with a local church denomination, figuring out Chadian SIM cards and internet, riding across town in 8-person bus taxis with 20 other people, seeing old friends, meeting other missionaries, and playing Sunday afternoon volleyball.
    Current Plans
    While French studies are finished, I still need to continue learning Chadian Arabic before I begin working with the unreached Mubi people. After this first week, I am eager to leave the capital to start life in a town called Bitkine. The Lord has provided a place to live over the following six months or so as I focus on improving my Chadian Arabic. A friend has graciously offered me to stay in their place while they are on furlough. This appears as a great provision from the Lord for several reasons: for one, it has made moving to Chad a lot easier and less stressful by not having to worry about where I would live or the long process of setting up a home. Also, there are many Arabic contacts in Bitkine through my friend who can help with language learning. I’ll also hopefully be able to help with ministry opportunities while my friend is away, who is the only one reaching out to Arabs in this town. There is also a church to attend and many believers in town to enjoy fellowship together. So I am quite looking forward to what the Lord has in store for this first season of life in Chad. Lord-willing I leave early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.
    Prayer Requests
    -For a safe arrival in Bitkine (9/24)
    -To stay healthy (a prayer much more needed in Chad than France!)
    -For the Lord to bring people along who can strategically assist in learning Chadian Arabic
    -That the Lord would provide many gospel opportunities while learning Chadian Arabic
    -For the provision of teammates
    -That the Mubi people might hear the gospel and put their trust in Christ

    Previous Updates
    Financial support/Mission organization: Grace Ministries International
    Home church: Grace Immanuel Bible Church


  3. Thank You guys for this Prayer Post I have been moved by the Holy Spirit to DAILY pray for Missionaries & their Families!!! I am EXCITED to be a PART of an ARMY of WARRIORS!!!!!!!! HOW EXCELLENT IS YOUR NAME OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!! LETS DO IT ONE DAY AT A TIME!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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