Pray for those that persecute us

Jesus says in Matthew 5:44,” But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

This is a tough one, and most times we pass right by it like the big elephant in the room. Well today all of my lovely brothers and sisters, please make this a personal prayer in your own situation. Pray for the person at work that hates you, the atheist, the family member who constantly makes up lies about you. Pray for them all. And if you’re reading this post here or anywhere else its been reblogged, facebooked, passed on, it’s God talking through a computer screen telling you it’s time.

Please hit like to agree in prayer with us and if you are having a hard time with this one, let us help you pray. You can post in the comments or email us at Please use the space to comment, you don’t have to use names, God knows who you are praying for!

Love and light to you all, let’s get prayed up for this one. Please reblog, facebook, tweet. Let’s start in prayer to change the world!

Here’s a sample prayer from one of our readers

Dear God,

Please put a new heart and a new spirit in me for my sister. Let me see her the way you see her. Draw her to you oh Lord and let her see your mercy and your glory. Let me show love to her the way that you show love that draws people into you. Oh father, let me have a supernatural, holy love for her that covers everything. Father deal with my anger, bitterness an rage towards her. Change me Father as you give me a heart for her. And give me a heart to be in constant prayer over her life and her salvation.

In Jesus precious and mighty name I pray this,


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3 thoughts on “Pray for those that persecute us

  1. Reblogged this on Tea Among Friends and commented:
    And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;
    Luke 18:1

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  2. Action is ALWAYS the Miracle…I have learned in my walk with God that I DON”T WAIT until I feel Love for a person I might still have bitterness for…..I pray for Gods Forgiveness then I ask him to Change my Heart towards them then I “ACT AS IF” I TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY ALWAYS!!!!….. I find that in my ACTION I start to CHANGE because of my Obedience in walking his word in my life…God never tells me to wait till I “FEEL” a change in my heart and then Love the unlovable. God COMMANDS it, simply saying “Love one another as I have LOVED the Church ugliness and All….Love is an ACTION Word it needs to be Backed by ACTION to ACTIVATE his POWER!!! So what do I do when my Flesh is SCREAMING NO Don;t reach out to that person look what they did to you… I simply take ACTION even if I am Grinding my teeth in doing so!! I MUST because my HEART wants to be like JESUS!!…Let me tell you friends that kind of Obedience changes you because if LOVE NEVER FAILS and we REALLY believe it then lets be like Nike and “JUST do IT”….I have been taught that I am to ALWAYS counter act unkindness wrong doing untruths with the ONLY weapon that CHANGES EVERYTHING……LOVE…It Works it REALLY REALLY DOES!!! JUST DO IT in OBEDIENCE to the One who LOVED us how can we NOT!! It REALLY is VERY simple we complicated it 😉 🙂 🙂

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  3. You’re so right; we walk around this prayer and don’t stop to pray it. Thank you for posting this. We have much to pray for, personally and nationally. Only our Mighty God can change hearts. I pray today he changes mine first. I pray that He changes the hearts of all those who hate, who are indifferent, and who don’t know Him. I pray He plants and nourishes and harvests seeds of hunger for Himself, for love and peace.

    I lift this prayer in our Savior, Jesus’ name.

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