Pray for our family in prison


There are so many family members out there who are currently incarcerated. So many of them have lost hope and don’t believe God can use them for His glory. Others do not even know the Lord. We have it heavy on our hearts to pray for any of your family members that are currently incarcerated. We ask that if you agree in prayer, hit like and if you have a specific person to pray for please comment. Please also feel free to add to our prayer in the comment section. Let’s fill every prison with Jesus!

Dear Lord Jesus,

So many of our family members are incarcerated. They have made poor choices and some have been wrongfully accused. Others have lived very difficult lives where they had no role models to help them. We know that you are the ultimate parent, role model and loving Father. We know you display your work best in the most dire of circumstances. Lord fill the hearts, minds and souls of all of our family members that we will lift up to you that are currently incarcerated. If they don’t know you Lord, we pray for their salvation. If they do Lord we pray that you will use them in a mighty way while they are behind bars to speak your name to every other prisoner and guard that is there. Father we thank you that you are sovereign and you see and know everything, and that you have a good and perfect plan for every single one of these prisoners. Lord thank you that we can come before you and make intercession on their behalf. We cover them in the blood of Jesus and ask that you fill them up to overflow. Change and rearrange their hearts. May they shout your glory behind those prison walls!

In Jesus name,


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5 thoughts on “Pray for our family in prison

  1. There are many hopeless people in prison and I have spoken to some who came to faith while in prison. A few weeks ago I met Bucky in Washington Square park in NY that was serving a 30 sentence. He was a former gang leader who trusted Christ. Today he is preaching the Gospel. Thank The Lord for prison ministries and faithful families and friends. Even though these people have made bad choices a God is full of grace upon grace. Thanks!

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  2. OH GLORY!!!!!!!!!! Read & Re-Read the Prayer!! AGREE AGREE AGREE!! Thank You Lord for the POWER of PRAYER to CHANGE!!!! Standing in the Gap for the Lost & Hurting..God I pray for EVERY Pastor, Minister, Rabbi that goes into EVERY prison to Share the Good News of Hope to these Prisoner’s..Oh God give them a New Fresh anointing so that the Gifts of the Spirit will manifest themselves to these Men and Women and God Let your Anointing fall like FRESH Rain upon them as the Prisoners Sing Praises to your name during there worship time!!! Lord WE are EXCITED about this ARMY of PRAYER WARRIORS Ready for Battle Armed with the willingness to say YES LORD we Are Here to do your Will!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. I don’t know anyone in prison but the Lord brought a woman to live with me at one time who was 2 days out of prison. Wow, how the Lord used her inside those prison walls! Prayers are answered for these people and I’ve joined you in prayer for them.

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  4. I’ve been a member of a jailhouse ministry, for the past three years. On my blog, I post the prayer requests of the women w/whom I minister: Each of these women ask for prayer.


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