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We’ve had a prayer request come in. Please check out our prayer requests page to comment and like so we know that we are all praying together in spirit and in truth. We are also re-posting here so nobody will miss it! Please join us in prayer and send us your requests so we can fill up this blog lifting our voices in prayer!

All Acts12movemenrt participants: Please join me in daily prayer for ten individuals: Five are Jewish, five are Gentile. If each of the Jews admitted sin and accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord, there is no telling of the impact they would have on American Society. I believe if the other five also spoke out they’d have an equal impact.

The Jews: David Horowitz once a strong Communist. Wrote: Radical Son
Charles Krauthammer, M.D. National Columnist
Hugh Hewitt Talk Show Host
Dennis Prager Talk Show Host
Michael Medved TalkShow Host
The Gentiles: Robert Spencer, writer who collaborates with David Horowitz
Glen Beck Talk Show Host
Rush Limbaugh Talk Show Host
Bill O’Reilly Talk Show Host
Arnold A Jew I met while in NYC. To make a long story short I was able to get Arnold to
read Isaiah Chap. 53. As Arnold read that Scripture he said: “It is
talking about Jesus. A seed was planted. May the Lord see that it is

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9 thoughts on “Prayer request

  1. I’m confused. Glen Beck for one does speak out. He was one of the key note speakers in Washington for the Jewish people with John Hagee. Why is he on the list?


    • He wants for us to pray for Beck’s salvation (if he isn’t saved) since He is a Mormon. He has never professed to be a Christian, but a Mormon. He speaks out politically for Israel, but if he were a Christian he may speak up for Christ. Hope this answers your question.

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      • It does answer it. I knew he’s Mormon and I’ve heard him speak about God. I guess that’s what threw me. Thank you.


  2. Love all these Good Men I will be praying for sure they are half way there!!!! 🙂 GO GOD!!!!!!!! “TOGETHER WE can do what WE CANNOT do ALONE” Thank you Lord!!

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  3. I believe the Lord really wants us all to pray for these 10 men. Robert Johnson, the gentleman that posted this prayer request is my friend. I wrote my post this morning about Mr. Johnson and these 10 men, but particularly Charles Krauthammer. Mr. Johnson had no idea that was going to post about him or these men. It’s not by accident that this happened, but divine Providence. Let’s all pray for them. Here is a link back to my post.


  4. I am SO Blown away by this request!! I am in another prayer group and we each take turns asking God who or what our next mission is in prayer…God spoke to my Heart 3 days ago about Charles. So last night I told my prayer Buddies that Charles was our next assignment. Then my friend said go look on the “Acts12movement” of which I also look to daily to see what the prayer requests are..and whoop there he was Charles Krauthammer!!! The same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the Dead dwells in us!!! God is speaking!!.. If we are listening just imagine the work that would get done through Prayer the Souls that would be snatched from Hell…One day at a Time we can get it done!! How EXCITING to be Hearing from the ALMIGHTY Himself I get chills just thinking about it!! God is SO Awesome and SO much Fun to serve!!!! Captain I stand ready for your Next Order of Business!! ……Oh when the Saints Go Marching in, Oh when the Saints Go Marching in…Oh Lord I want to be in that Number, Oh when the Saints Go Marching in!!! It is an Honor and a Privilege to serve God through Prayer!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Karen, I was smiling at the Lord after reading this. Mr. Krauthammer is being sought by the Lord God of Heaven for sure. He has no idea how many people are praying for him. Let our prayers continue for him until we hear that he is a new creation in Christ.

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  5. AMEN my Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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