Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I pray that in your moment of silence today that you reflected on the events of this tragic day in history. I pray that when you closed your eyes, you were taken away from your hectic day for just a moment to pause and become reflective of what happened on this day thirteen years ago. I know you have a lot on your plate, but I pray that you in your humanness would place yourself in the shoes of those who have lost loved ones and be in their pain with them. I pray that this will bring to your remembrance the reality of evil and the terrorist organizations that seek to destroy our country and its allies. I pray that God shows you the faces of those victims and reminds you that He has placed you in this position of authority. I pray that God humbles you today and shows you the vast capacity of your awesome responsibility, and I pray that you use your position of leadership to glorify Jesus.

We implore you to listen to God in all matters and be the leader that God created you to be. We pray that you put aside all politics and self-interest and listen to the Holy one, Jesus Christ alone. I pray that you meditate on His scriptures and spend time in His presence. And I pray that the memory alone of the thousands of people who were burned alive or forced to jump to their death on this very day will lead you to God’s wisdom to take the appropriate action against the evil empires of this world.

Mr. President, please don’t sit back. Please don’t debate over what’s best for your agenda, but seek first the Kingdom of God. Don’t let there be another Holocaust or genocide. You have been chosen to lead this mighty nation and we pray that you will allow God to use you in a mighty way. You through our awesome God have the ability to change the world. Seek His face today. You are our President and we will continue to pray for your eternal wisdom in Him. May the Lord bless you and may His countenance be upon you.

In Him,

The Acts 12 Team

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29 thoughts on “Dear President Obama

  1. Amen! This was a strong prayer! I am so Glad that you all are praying for our president. I never seen a prayer that prays for our president. Keep seeking God and our prayers will get answered.

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  3. mzpresser

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    Yes, Yes yes, let’s pray!!!

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  4. WOW That was an AWESOME PRAYER!!!!!!!!! DITTO on EVERY WORD!!!! Beautifully said!! 🙂

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  5. Great prayer, Acts12 team! Obama is no match to God!!! I’m right there praying with you guys. Keep it up!!!

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    After I read this prayer I couldn’t resist reblogging it. Let’s pray diligently for our President!

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    A friend reblogged this on his site and after reading it, I had to share it as well. We should all be praying for our president to lead us in the right way, not for political gain. Politics has no place in this situation.

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  8. I pray he is a Christian and not a Muslim.

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  9. We do too, and if he isn’t that God will save Him,


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    In reflection…praying for our Leader

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  11. IrmMa

    In agreement. Amen. Faced with a myriad of religious beliefs and no belief, I like that President Obama ended his speech with God bless America. More than ever we need God’s blessing and protection on our nation and on those that will travel to foreign soil to serve, and protect. Today is a grim reminder of the hatred aimed at our country, but for those that believe in the living God, for also serves to quicken the spirit that His return is ever so close. May God have mercy on our souls. Be blessed.

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  12. THANK YOU!

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  13. @”Mr. President, please don’t sit back. Please don’t debate over what’s best for your agenda, but seek first the Kingdom of God”

    i am adding this very important part

    “but seek first the kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS”

    His Righteousness is Jesus. even the kingdom of God is all about righteousness, peace and joy.

    not righteous work or what good works to do, but seek Jesus. bring back Jesus to the nation! amen!


    • We agree with you that he needs Jesus since He only is our righteousness. Good works will get you nowhere, except maybe, to look good in other peoples eyes. Thank you for the great comment.


  14. Shared this Prayer on my Facebook because it came from a Heart of Love and Truth which is a lethal combination against the enemy! “we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood but by EVERY word that comes from the Mouth of God”….Okay so I got a “Like” from one of my Jewish Friends in spite of the Name Jesus in the Prayer!!!! Anointed Prayer Breaks the Yolk of Bondage and reveals TRUTH!!! AWESOME GUYS!!! Lets keep Loving by putting ACTION to our walk with PRAYER!!!!!! 🙂


  15. a gentle iconoclast

    Thank you! This is obedience for us!

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  16. Thank you so very much for praying for our President. I sometimes think I am the only one praying for him and his family. Whether we voted for him or not, we must continue to pray for whoever leads our country, pray for our congress to work together and to put God’s will before self will. Wonderful prayer. Bless you for this.

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  17. Very moving

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